Automative Repair

Got some problems with your car? M n R LLC is glad to present quality automotive repairs for you. Our expert technicians will inspect for the most common problems areas and begins to find out for other problems that needs repair to be made.We specialize in honesty by giving you repair services that are actually necessary.

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Custom Audio

Do you want to ease the boredom feeling while driving? M n R LLC is the right one to call. They offer custom audio services that can keep you entertained and still focus on driving. They are also concerned to not waste space at your cars while still in mind the idea of improving and maintaining the beauty and organization inside the vehicle.

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Custom Repair

M n R LLC handles personalized repairs for your cars. We will bring you the car you wanted to have. Our skilled service technicians can surely give you your dream car. Just coordinate with them and talk about the details for the repair project.

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“I had my stepdad attach my new radio in my car. But every time I would turn it on, the fuse would blow. My friend told me to call the guys from MnR Customs. They came over to my house and fixed the radio ats well as mounted my speakers better. Now I can ride my car in style! lol!” - Jacob