Our Story

While dealing with endometriosis candle making
became my therapy, my creative outlet, and my
source of income all at once. Working from
home meant that I could take breaks whenever I
needed to rest or manage my pain. I no longer
had to push myself to the brink of fainting just to
earn a living. I could prioritize my health and still
pursue my passion.
As I started selling my candles, I was
overwhelmed by the positive response from
customers. They loved the unique scents and
the beautiful designs. It was incredibly rewarding
to know that my creations brought joy and
relaxation to people's lives. It has taught me the
power of pursuing what you love, even in the
face of adversity.
My journey with candle making has been a true
blessing. It has allowed me to take control of my
life, prioritize my health, and create something
beautiful. I am excited to continue spreading
light and joy through my candles.

Our Mission: A percentage of every purchase you make will
go to a cause that can improve, and even save,
the lives of many women.. Thank you for your
support. Together, we can make a difference.
Endometriosis is a debilitating condition that
affects 1 in 10 women worldwide. It can cause
severe pain and fertility issues. Despite its
prevalence, there is no cure and the cause is still
Endofound, or the Endometriosis Foundation of
America, is a non-profit organization dedicated
to increasing disease recognition, providing
advocacy, facilitating expert surgical training,
and funding landmark endometriosis research.